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Give your life the direction it deserves. By adjusting your lifestyle, experience all the good things the universe has to offer. Find your menu for the ultimate happy life.

Our goal is to awaken,
and discover who we really are.

Our main lifestyle task is to free ourselves from this sleep. To broaden our limited affection and compassion for all living beings and the splendor of nature. By embracing it in all its beauty.

Lifestyle keystones

Chef lifestyle and tranquility


Tranquility is important to you in all its aspects. Literally enough rest in the form of sleep and relaxation. Figuratively also tranquility in your head. From this tranquility you look at the world in a completely different way and a solid foundation of confidence is created.

tranquillity is the basis


Confidence is the feeling in you that it’s all going to be okay. That the universe has the right and good things in store for you. The universe will certainly want to give you that, but only when you ask for it in the form of confidence. You will see that the universe will also bring the right things in your path for you.

Chef lifestyle and confidence
confidence in yourself
Chef lifestyle and strength


If there is sufficient tranquility and confidence in your body and mind, there is also strength. Not immediately literal power, but mental strength. You can further develop this mental strength by exercising enough and eating the right food.

strenght and charisma


Insight comes when there is sufficient confidence and strength into your life. And insight in how you stand in life. Understanding of what the universe brings to your path. An insight into why you do things the way you do. Learning to behave differently with people, animals, nature, etc.

Chef insight
insight in the universe

Your lifestyle: go with the flow

No one has a route description of our life path. Nobody knows what the path brings. Choose your path based on confidence. Change your lifestyle.  The more confidence you have into your path, the more life will bring you.


You vs the universe

If you try to grasp the size and complexity of the universe, then you realize at that moment how incredibly insignificant you are as a single human being. We are nothing at all, and yet most of us find ourselves so incredibly important. That is the image that the ego projects into ourselves, hardly taking into account his or her environment. Ultimately, we are also important in our own unique personality. Just not in the way our ego wants us to believe.

Usolath = Universal source of love and total happiness

Everyone is part of Usolath. Think of it as a collection of all the computers that make up a gigantic cloud computer. It is an all-embracing force that I call Usolath, because it is the force that is the sum of everything and everyone in the world. Everyone and everything that is part of it is equally important. Everyone can influence Usolath and is affected by it at the same time. Usolath is the power that directs our universe and so do you as you read this.


Everything is food lifestyle

Everything is our life is food and you can see this literally and figuratively. That is why this website is called Chef Petroes. On this website you will find information about food & lifestyle. One moment in the literal sense, the next again in the figurative sense.

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