What is mental strength? This page is not about physical strength, but about mental strength. By this we don’t mean your muscular strength or endurance, but your mental strength to do all of this. Your mental strength is often also the difference between your intentions and dreams and what actually comes out of it.

Mental strength is especially created when there is sufficient tranquility and confidence in you. Feel for yourself what takes the most energy. Fight to be able to do it, or having confidence that you can do it. Playing golf may be a good example. Golf is to a large extent a mental game. Some experts say that golf is for 90% a mental game. But 10% comes from practicing and training. It is not about endurance or power. In other words: you can only win a golf tournament if you are confident. Confident that you can hit the ball into the hole in fewer strokes than all other participants. Despite that, whatever happens during the tournament, you will have to keep that confidence. Fighting won’t help you to win the tournament. This is all about mental strength.

How does mental strength work?

Prior to mental strength is self-confidence. If there is enough confidence in the world and people around you, you will certainly develop self-confidence. If you have confidence in the universe, the universe gives back self-confidence and mental strength in return. There is indeed a difference between the two. Let’s take golf as an example. Self-confidence is expressed by standing confidently on the course. That is what the other participants in the tournament see as well. You believe you can win the tournament and you radiate that. During all the strokes, that self-confidence translates into results. You beat your way through the tournament in fewer strokes than the other participants. But then the last hole comes and you are 2 strokes ahead of your opponent.

playing golf is mental strength

At that moment, self-confidence alone is no longer enough. Most participants in the golf tournament usually have enough self-confidence. Now it really comes down to mental strength. To keep your nerves under control. To make sure that you still have all your muscles under maximum control to be able to make that last stroke. Hit the ball into the hole and win. There you can often see how much mental strength an athlete has. During the climax of the match your nerves, breathing, muscles, yes everything under control. The last 3 strokes are just as good as all the other strokes during the match. If you succeed in that, there is a lot of mental strength in you.

Sport is all about mental strength

This mental strength is also reflected in other sports. Think for example of boxing. Regardless of whether or not you find that a fun sport to watch. You need a lot of mental strength for it. Mental strength to keep on boxing although you would rather give in to your fatigue, after all those rounds of boxing. A moment of inattention and you run into a punch from your opponent. After all those rounds, this  often decides whether you win or lose your match.

But also in a tough endurance sport like cycling you need that mental strength. Can I still ride that last mountain or do I give in to fatigue? Even though you almost fall off your bike due to fatigue. Can you still act like you’re still completely fresh? Pure bluff from self-confidence and strength. Whether or not you have that, this often determines whether or not you win and are on the podium. If not, you end up in the peloton anonymously. If you have that, you have pure willpower in you. The will to keep on cycling even though your legs don’t want to anymore.

Resilience as a mental strength

Life is not about that pure willpower of top athletes. Very useful if you are or want to become a top athlete. The vast majority of us will never become top athletes. One of the most important forces you need in life is the resilience to setbacks. How do you cope with setbacks. How much resilience do you have to withstand adversity. To quote the example of the baby who wants to learn to walk.

The baby has the confidence and peace that it will walk someday. But a baby also has the resilience to get up, despite he has been falling  hundreds of times. Self-confidence is there that he/she will one day learn to walk. Strength is there to keep trying and to resist disappointment.

The willingness to learn to walk

Even for a baby there is the disappointment that he has fallen again, but it will not control the baby. The will and strength to learn to walk is more powerful. That is what is very important in your life. That there is the strength to go on and keep on growing. Misfortune and disappointment is there for everyone. No one escapes this in life. Everybody makes mistakes and sometimes it’s just a disappointment. That’s not a bad thing, and certainly not if you handle it well. It’s only bad if you immediately give up, and the misfortune starts to dominate your life.

when mental strength becomes charisma

If you have developed enough strength, you will radiate it to others. Just as the confidence of the golfer is perceptible to others. You will radiate that too. Your personality will continue to grow. For some it will go a step further and turn into charisma. People are attracted to you and want to be with you. Both positive and negative people. It is up to you to have enough strength to remain positive yourself. You will become a beacon of light for others. An example of how they can also grow and resist disappointments. That radiance is completely in yourself. You radiate that literally and figuratively.

Inner Strength

So that radiance or inner strength is in yourself and not in social status. The size of your car or house, the importance of your job doesn’t matter much. It is pure power that is in you and that you can use in your life. It is important to make sure that your strong self-esteem is not replaced by your possessions. If your self-esteem, your inner strength, is connected to your possessions and status, you will lose your strength again. Car away, strength away. Strength is who you are and not what you have. Your job is not who you are. Who you are is how you deal with everything around you. How you react to that, is who you are. Do you do that reactively or stay completely at peace.

In his books Eckhart Tolle calls this the ‘power of now’. Don’t let yourself be dragged along, by fear and emotions. But don’t get dragged away by fear and emotions of others. Stay positive, despite disappointments and keep confidence. Trust that the universe will bring you pleasant things again. This requires strength, a strong mental strength. If you have that power, the universe will answer that by giving you more power. Power to grow further in life and as a human being. Fear, distrust, anxiety, stress, negativity etc. will cut you off from that power. Work on your tranquility and confidence and avoid negativism. Surround yourself with positivism.

Do you want to make something of life?

That includes whether you want to make something out of life. Life cannot be made, but you may have the intention to make something of it. Strength is also that you get to know yourself through and through in that area. What drives me in life? Do you want to contribute to a more beautiful world? A world where there is no war, hunger or other misery. Do you want to achieve power and social status for more self-confidence? Power and social status rarely leads to a strong and lasting self-confidence.

That’s why giving up all your possessions has been a centuries-old spiritual practice. By the way, it doesn’t mean that giving up your possessions also gives you self-confidence, strength, and so on.

Another exercise that is better known is not reacting to your surroundings. With every aggression training, you will learn not to react if you are provoked. The most important thing is that you learn to recognize the feeling of anger and reactivity. Then you learn not to react, out of anger. By not reacting, you don’t throw oil on the fire, which can only make the situation worse. You learn to turn emotion into tranquility and confidence. This makes effective communication with the other party possible.

Strength is not to resist

Suppose everyone in the world was able not to resist. That everyone would stop resisting and maintain complete peace in case of conflict. That would mean the end of all wars. No more conflicts in relationships or at work. A civilized interaction and communication between people. That doesn’t mean you can’t say anything. Saying things in a calm and polite way that you don’t like something, is fine. That is not the same as getting angry and seeking a conflict. Because they have done something to you that is unfair. That means that not resisting is one of the greatest strengths in the universe. Therefore, not reacting is not a weakness, but a tremendous strength.

not reacting is pure strength

By not reacting anymore you will also see that you will start to look at your surroundings in a completely different way. You come into the power of doing things together, instead of me versus the rest of the world. Everyone makes mistakes and so do you. It just means that you don’t always have to react fully to others. You can also just say ‘better next time’. That’s why you slowly start working on the mutual strength of all things and organisms in the universe. Many people in today’s world have lost touch with nature. The connection with the creative power of the universe. The beauty of all flowers, plants, animals, etc. originated from that creative power of the universe. By reconnecting yourself with this, your creative power will also increase.

Interplay of Spiritual Forces

The interplay of all these spiritual forces is ultimately the power to get to know yourself completely. To become and be yourself again. That is also the moment that more and more insight will come on your path and you will learn to understand your life and that of others.

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